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  • The Second China International Import Expo

         In May 2017, president Xijinping announced, on “One Belt And One Road” forum,  China will be hold the China International Import Expo from 2018.

        China International Import Expo (CIIE), aims to firmly support trade liberalization and economic globalization and open up markets to the world.        CIIE holds once a year for a period of 6 days(from 5th NOV. to 10th NOV).

        The first CIIE held at the China National Exhibition Center(Shanghai) from 5th NOV. to 10th NOV..    

        The second CIIE held on 5th, NOV. as scheduled.

        The holding of the China international import expo is a major step taken by China to firmly support trade liberalization and economic globalization and take the initiative to open its market to the world.It is conducive to strengthening economic and trade exchanges and cooperation among countries around the world, promoting global trade and world economic growth, and promoting the development of an open world economy.China is ready to work with other countries to turn CIIE into a world-class expo, opening new channels for trade and cooperation among countries and promoting common prosperity of the world economy and trade.

       With a total floor area of nearly 1.5 million square meters, China National Exhibition Center(Shanghai) is not only the largest single building but also the largest all-around exhibition hall in the world.The exhibition area is 500,000 square meters, including 400,000 square meters of indoor exhibition hall and 100,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition hall.The indoor exhibition hall is composed of 13 large exhibition halls with an area of 30,000 square meters and 3 small exhibition halls with an area of 10,000 square meters, and trucks can immediately arrive at any hall.The exhibition halls are also equipped with sufficient conference facilities, consisting of more than 60 conference halls of different sizes.


        The pavilion is divided into eight sections:

            National Trade And Investment Exhibition Area, Consumer Electronics And Household Appliances Exhibition Area, Apparel And Consumer Goods Exhibition Area, Advanced Automotive Exhibition Area, Intelligent And High-end Equipment Exhibition Area, Food And Agricultural Products Exhibition Area, Medical Equipment And Medical Care Exhibition Area, Service Trade Exhibition Area.

         Our company had the honor to visit the exhibition and broaden our horizons. In addition to being shocked by the high end of science and technology, the top of technology and the projection of future life, we are also proud of the motherland for holding such a world-renowned expo. At the same time, we are surprised by very quick changes of the world. We need to learn to initiate and to break through ourselves, as practitioners of textile industry, and to integrate actively the world in future.

        Finally, we sincerely wish that the expo will become better and better and our motherland gets better and better.

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